Performance Monitoring

We will continue to enhance our evidence base and measure the progress made in delivering our Well-being Plan and achieving our four Well-being Objectives.

By maintaining an effective oversight of our Plan we will be in a better position to  understand how well we are doing, report on progress and consider what might need to change in order to improve.  We are working to develop our performance management arrangements and will update this page to reflect the arrangements we put in place and to provide details of our achievements. 

Group meeting looking at stats

Maintaining our Evidence Base:

We will keep an oversight of the data and information that we used to inform our Well-being Assessment. We are working on a more interactive way in which we can make this information accessible, interesting, live and up-to-date.  

While we work to develop this, you can access the range of sources used to inform the development of our Well-being Assessment and Plan through the links below:


      Our Annual Report:

Each year the PSB will carry out a review of the Well-being Plan and report on the progress made in delivering our Well-being Objectives and the steps that sit under them.